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Image courtesy of the Epilepsy Foundation

I’m always on my smart phone. If I’m not in a group text with friends, I’m watching videos, reading articles or listening to music. To tell the truth, I always know where my phone is and I pretty much never leave the house without it.

That’s exactly why the new Epilepsy Foundation My Seizure Diary app is so amazing. We never leave the house without our phones and we use them for everything – now we can use our phones to track all the details of our seizures, too, and a lot more.

The Epilepsy Foundation My Seizure Diary replaces the only official seizure-tracking app of the Epilepsy Foundation and recently rolled out a new look and some upgraded features. Here are a few features of the new app, from the Epilepsy Foundation website:

  • Getting started is easier – diary can now be used in offline mode then sync to website when internet access is available.
  • Recording and tracking seizures is easier. Both individual and multiple events or cluster can be recorded in more detail. Identify a default seizure to track the most common seizure type with quick entry.
  • Recording and tracking rescue therapies can help you know how often and how helpful they are.
  • Triggers can be tracked over time separate from seizure events. This helps you identify lifestyle, health or environmental factors that may affect seizures or wellness.
  • Entering data can be done when you are offline – then sync your data when you have access to the internet.

One of the main benefits of this app is that it gives YOU some control over your seizure management. You can manage your medications and track your seizures with the ability to immediately input the details before you forget them. You can keep track of triggers, moods, appointments. This app lets you keep all your information in one place AND send reports to your doctors.

Using the My Seizure Diary app, I can look at my seizures and see if there are any patterns or triggers that I maybe wasn’t aware of. I can track my moods to see if I get more depressed right before a seizure and maybe recognize an aura that I didn’t think I had. As I start planning for college and living away from home, things like this app are more and more important to me and my independence – and my parents’ peace of mind.

You can download the Epilepsy Foundation My Seizure Diary app from iTunes or from Google Play for free. You can use your laptop or desktop computer to type in more information and sync it to your phone so all updates are really accessible.

There is so much this app can do and can help with! Visit the Epilepsy Foundation website and hover your mouse over the “Get Help” tab at the top. From the drop-down menu, click on “EF My Seizure Diary” on the right side and start taking control of your epilepsy management!

If you have questions or want more information, please comment below or email me at and I will try to connect you with people who can answer your questions.

Always remember –

You are not alone!