navigating life with epilepsy, teens and epilepsy, dr david spencer, living with epilepsy, life with seizuresDr. David Spencer, professor of neurology at Oregon Health Science University Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, has released a new book for adolescents and adults to help them deal with the trials of life with epilepsy.

Navigating Life with Epilepsy is a new book available October 3 that provides helpful information about epilepsy and seizures. Dr. Spencer’s new book is part of a patient-focused series through Neurology Now that will help caregivers  and people living with epilepsy learn more about the condition.

In his book, Dr. Spencer covers a lot of information that can be extremely useful to many different groups of people who are trying to get through life every day with epilepsy and seizures. Some topics covered include:

  • History of epilepsy
  • Medication facts
  • Different diagnoses and possible testing
  • Driving and epilepsy
  • Work issues
  • Safety and first aid
  • Relationships and epilepsy
  • Anxiety, depression and mood issues

Dr. Spencer’s goal with this book is to not only educate patients and caregivers, but to help those living with epilepsy feel connected and to know they are not alone. While the book is focused on adolescents and young adults, it also covers issues that are specific to other groups like women, teens and the elderly. Navigating Life with Epilepsy tries to educate the reader about making the most of day-to-day life while handling epilepsy and to help them understand that treating epilepsy is so much more than just stopping seizures.

If you have questions and need reassurance, guidance and information and you don’t know where to go, this book can help. Navigating Life with Epilepsy is available today through Amazon, Oxford University Press, and other retailers.

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