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In the Spring of 2014, the North / Central Illinois Iowa & Nebraska Chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation sent their first ever delegate to the Teens Speak-Up Legislative Weekend in Washington D.C. It was a weekend full of discovery, education, and enlightenment for all who participated. But for their delegate, Simon Clark from Carlisle, Iowa, it helped uncover a passion for advocacy and education. This website is the end result of Simon’s commitment and his “Year of Service” for the honor of being the Teens Speak Up delegate in 2014.

The goal of this site is to help shed light on the challenges teens and young adults face while diagnosed and living with Epilepsy. From dealing with seizures and the frightening aspects of epilepsy to addressing otherwise everyday life of being a teen in this unique circumstance.

This site will be a resource for all teens and young adults as well as their parents and relatives to gain some perspective from those closest to the diagnosis and life. Teens with epilepsy will be encouraged to interact with others creating a knowledge base and resource for those that may have questions about living with epilepsy.

What do teens do about driving and obtaining a driver’s license when diagnosed with epilepsy?

How do teens navigate the emotional challenges that accompany adolescence and maturity?

What do teens do about social environments like school, sports…  What about dating?

How do parents of teens with epilepsy manage the added challenges of adolescence and epilepsy?

These questions and more will be discussed on this site. through personal accounts and stories, interviews, group chats, videos, and more.

If you have questions or would like to know how you can participate in EFI Teen Connection, click the “Contact” link in the top navigation of this Web site.